Eric Schopmeyer is a composer and musician in Portland, Oregon. He currently works as an Orff-trained elementary music teacher and scores films on the side. He has created music for many local, independent films as well as larger, national films that have screened at Sundance and other US and international festivals. His music is occasionally heard in PRI’s This American Life.

Eric’s musical path has taken him through a diverse and eclectic musical landscape; from his youth in the D.C. punk rock scene of the ‘80’s, to composition study with the great Czech-American composer Tomas Svoboda at Portland State University, to Indonesia to pursue his passion for Javanese gamelan music, to playing vibraphone and composing for a contemporary jazz sextet, to exploring American folk/roots music in his band The Waxwings. The breadth of his experiences in seemingly disparate genres gives Eric a broad palette from which to create, making his work versatile and unconventional.

Eric creates music that is experimental but highly structured, often eschewing traditional forms while still adhering to a rigorous internal logic. His music takes its time to develop but rewards the patient listener. He creates music using real instruments played in real time and relies mainly on acoustic sound sources, often blending pitched percussion with guitar and other acoustic instruments. All of these elements create an organic, almost tangible feel to the music and a refreshing antidote to the increasingly digital/electronic musical landscape and the cycle of ever-shortening attention spans in the the consumer culture of sound bytes and instant gratification.

As an Orff-trained music teacher at Buckman Arts Focus Elementary in PPS, Eric works to help kids tap into their creative potential. He has published two volumes of pedagogical works for student marimba ensemble. In recent years he has been collaborating with En Taiko, composing hybrid pieces for taiko and marimba.

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